Wicker Park Chicago Homes – How Far Will $300,000 Get you?

Wicker Park is one of the best and most famous neighborhoods in Chicago. The hustle across its boundaries, food corners, shopping areas, and cultural architect attracts young hearts. Geographically, it’s at the heart of Chicago as prominent locations are present across its boundaries. Ashland Avenue to Western Avenue is present at its East to West and Bloomingdale avenue to district street at its north to south border.

Historical Background 

Wicker Park has a dynamic history. It came into existence in 1871 by two brothers Charles and Joel Wicker. Charles Wicker was a city council alderman at that time. Due to his authoritative influence, he managed to buy an area of 80 acres along Milwaukee Avenue. His brother Joel joined him in the developmental process, and they converted the site to a residential lot.

The Great Chicago Fire played a significant role in turning the park into a residential area. Wealthy citizens first moved to this neighborhood and started building their houses to live in.

Later on, people from the median class followed the trend and benefited the residential authorities. Elite Europeans started implanting brewing industries in the neighborhood and entitled it “Beer Barons Row.” 

During the mid-nineteenth century, the park went through a tremendous downfall and converted into a hip place to live. That’s how it became quite affordable for people with low-income resources.

Things to Do in Wicker Park

There are many prevalent factors in this neighborhood. The place is a destination for people with a passionate love for music, art, shopping, and drinking.

A Destination for Creative Artisans

The Flatiron Arts Building is a hub for creative artisans. The place is ideal for people who want to explore artistic destinations and studio spaces. The building’s art gallery displays cultural art, bookstores, historical musical instruments, and anterior design films. 

The other floors of the building feature inspiration for enthusiasts of art and craft. It provides an opportunity to learn, purchase, and connect with the artists. If you are a music lover, Wicker Park is an ideal place for you. It has been a significant destination of Chicagoland by fans of live music. The streets of wicker park are packed with music lovers listening to their favorite tunes. Local haunts host a rotating roster of up-and-coming acts. 

Subterranean, another anchor of Wicker park’s music scenes, plays as a host to popular live shows in a variety of musical categories, as well as DJ nights and dance parties. Wicker Park is a haven and home for artists, including the playwriters, directors, actors, and designers, making Chicago’s art performance worth appreciation. 

Wicker Park is a center of remarkable performance spaces, which provides hosting services from various popular and cutting-edge companies. The Den Theatre, for example, is a giant arts complex with several stages. It hosts different sorts of live performances and is the home to various residential theatre companies, including Firebrand Theatre and Haven Theatre. Elsewhere in Wicker park, you will find exciting works going up in the historical Chopin theatre and innovative pieces put up in Collaboration’s performance studios. 

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If you don’t like to cook, then restaurants in Wicker park can be a good option for you. They offer various food categories and price ranges with every kind of service like Dine-in, takeaway, outdoor and indoor seating, etc. Wicker Park provides fancy dining to a random place to grab a quick meal. Some famous restaurants in Wicker Park are Mindy’s Hot Chocolate Restaurant and Dessert Bar, Big star, Takito Kitchen, The Delta, Oiistar, and Amaru.

Don’t consider missing your brunch time while you’re in Wicker Park. The neighborhood is taming with food points that serve something above breakfast and behind the lunch range. Restaurants keep on updating the items best suitable for brunch time. Some of the best go-to brunch destinations in Wickers Park are:

These places provide options for dine-in or takeaways in a safe and hygienic environment. These restaurants are nest at serving foods, coffee, and tea and offer bar services. What else one needs at a good restaurant?

Drinking and Bars 

Wicker Park has been a neighborhood where people come to drink for a long time, which is likely why you’ll find some of the best bars in Chicago lining the streets. In a wicker park, it is straightforward to find something which you would like to sip. You can get yourself into a dive bar, a fancy cocktail place or spend the evening on the rooftop while enjoying the view. There are various spots with karaoke where you can sing your heart out. Another exciting thing is that their bars are open all year round.


The Wicker Park neighborhood is an urban destination for shopping. Its shopping scene is somewhere you will find endless options for shopping and emptying your wallet. If you are looking for a large diversity of shops, head to the triple threat area of Wicker Park. 

The main shopping areas are at the Milwaukee, Damen, and North Avenue intersection. Walk along the north of Damen Avenue to discover some of the coolest and trendiest boutiques. Some other unique shopping areas are also there along Milwaukee Ave. They feature discount furniture stores, antique furniture stores, modern clothing boutiques, art galleries, and unique gift shops.


Wicker Park has excellent public and private schools, including three parochial schools: St. Nicholas Cathedral, St. Stanislaus Kostka, and St. Helen, and a Catholic High School of note, Holy Trinity, which has served the community for over 100 years. Few well-known public schools include A.N. Pritzker and José de Diego elementary school, and the Roberto Clemente High School. In most neighborhoods across the city, there is a good mix of public, selective enrollment, semi-autonomous in Wicker Park, providing various Park options to families with children.


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Wicker park’s public transportation is abundant, with easy access to several bus routes. These routes connect to CTA rapid transit lines. 56 Milwaukee bus takes you directly into Downtown. 

At Division and Damen is CTA Blue Line stop that links to Downtown, Suburbs, and O’Hare airport. On the northeast is the Clybourn Avenue stop on the Metra commuter railroad, which connects to Downtown and the north suburbs. 

The Kennedy Expressway is closer to it, which is an excellent option if you want to drive. 

If you love riding cycles or bikes, then the streets around Wicker Park facilitates your preference. There are numerous lanes for bicycles along the main roads for people who favor cycling. 

Summertime Festival

Wicker Park Fest is also a significant reason for its popularity. This event has won the title of the best summer festival in Chicago. The festival includes food vendors that provide mouth-watering food options, great music lineups, family activities, and trendy fashion scenarios. 

The festival attracts music lovers from all around Chicagoland. This festival is mainly known for its live performances and vibrant art shows, and other fun events. Cutting-edge local and national acts are performed on three stages, filling out a jam-packed weekend. This festival offers activities and attracts people of every age. This event is of primary importance. Don’t consider missing it if you’re a true fun lover.

Trail 606

Trail Bloomingdale is a raised-up rail trail, 2.7-mile (4.3 km) long, which runs east-west, on Chicago’s northwest side. In 2015, the City Bloomingdale Line got converted into an elevated greenway, which gives birth to the linear park and the trail 606. 

The high park runs through the Chicago neighborhoods of Logan Square, Humboldt Park, Wicker Park, and Bucktown. This project names 606 for the zip code prefix that Chicagoans share. The name also suggests a connection to the transportation history of this site. In the present day, this trail features a chain of street-level parks, scenic look-out points, an observatory, and public art installations.

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Farmers Markets of Wicker park

Each Sunday, a small group of farmers, retailers, and shoppers descend on Wicker park for the neighborhood’s farmers market, which sells fresh fruit, dairy, vegetables, freshly baked goods, and meat. As the name indicates, the farmer’s market is a frequent assembly of farmers or retailers in which they directly supply consumers with the goods they produced. 

The market simplifies personal connections and bonds of expected benefits between farmers, shoppers, and communities. The timing of the farmers market opens every Sunday morning from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. It starts in early June and ends in October.

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Subterranean Live Music

It’s a double-story venue hosting various live shows with different food and drinks for their customers. This location has a place for those seeking concerts and classes to grab a drink. The upstairs is devoted to living stages that feature rock and hip hop acts nightly. The downstairs bar is a comfortable and cozy den for occasional concerts, DJ nights, and hip hop open-mics.

Living Expenses in Wicker Park

Sometimes you want to feel like you live in a big and busy city without being there. Residents of Wicker Park have easy access to Downtown and Suburbs. Wicker Park has a good combination of home types. 

You can find condominiums just off the neighborhood’s busy streets like Damen Avenue and Milwaukee Avenue. Single-family homes are available on more residential streets. The trend of living with extravagance is visible in this neighborhood. 

The average sales price is $512,250, which is suggestively higher than the city’s average sale price. However, it can be less expensive to live in Wicker park than in Bucktown as the prices are relatively higher. Wicker park’s pricing ranges from $145,000 to $2,530,620, while Bucktown’s price range falls between $195,000 to $3,750,000.

Renting in Wicker Park

There is a wide choice of both affordable and high-end rentable apartments in Wicker Park. There is a variety to choose from, whether your priority is toward vintage or modern architecture. You won’t have a problem finding a place which suits your taste and style. The average rent in wicker park is $2,483, whereas the average for Chicago is $1,943

It truly is a diverse housing market, making it an excellent place for anyone to call home.

Luxury Apartments/ Houses

There are residential-style homes, and then there are luxury condos and houses with price points that can rise to 3 million. Each apartment can go above and beyond your needs, presenting sophisticated and fashionable designs. The facilities in them will make your day-to-day living more serene. The structure of these houses is unique and adorable. 

When Germans and Europeans migrated to this neighborhood early, they fashionably built their homes. They used stones and bricks, and hence same flow in for luxury homes in this area. 

It truly is a diverse housing market, making it an excellent place for anyone to call home.

An Affordable Price Point

The pricing of modest studio apartments can be as low as $200k. These can be cozy spaces for people with a modest lifestyle.

Single Family homes in Wicker Park can range between $500-900k. The updates and square footage will determine the exact price point.

Modest 2- & 3-bedroom condos that can start in the mid 300’s and again, as the square footage grows, so will the price, and it can rise to a 1.5million. Updates and the size of homes play a huge part in the price. Make sure to call Your Real Estate Fam when moving to or from Wicker Park! 

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Why Should You Choose Wicker Park Over Other Neighborhoods?

Wicker Park is one of Chicago’s trendiest neighborhoods with all kinds of facilities and the best entertainment places. Wicker Park is known for its parks, trendy restaurants, cozy coffee shops and café, bars, shopping scenes, transportation system, theatres, music festivals, and a lot of other stuff for entertainment. Wicker Park is known to be one of the safest neighborhoods in Chicago. It offers the residents inner-city feels, and most residents rent in their homes. 

Many young professionals live in the Wicker Park as its residence seems to be liberal and open-minded. The present-day Wicker is best known for its commercial and entertainment establishments and being a convenient place to live because of its provided facilities.

Are You Thinking of Moving to The Beautiful Wicker Park?

So, if you have planned to move to Wicker Park, do not forget to call us. At Your Real Estate Fam, we make efforts to find your dream home in paradise. Our vast experience and several connections aren’t easy to beat. We have settled thousands of people wishing to live in a perfect and affordable place. We genuinely enjoy guiding and helping people throughout the process. Either make a call, send a text message, or email, whatever suits you, and we will make it happen for you.

Contact Your Real Estate Fam to get a fantastic place in Wicker Park.

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