Pros & Cons of Living in Lincoln Park, Chicago

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Wondering how it’s like to move to Lincoln Park, Chicago? Well, if you literally require peace and calmness, then this place is definitely made for you!

The crowded urban hubs like LA or New York pack a lot of hustle and bustle. But, most of the time, the main concern is to live peacefully with no noise whatsoever. Hence, Lincoln Park, Chicago it is. Lincoln Park is situated in the North of Downtown where everything is available.

From beautiful views to quality standards of living, everything is a constant part of Lincoln Park.

But, you might have heard that every good thing comes with a price! So, with pros, there’s a share of cons as well regarding living in Lincoln Park.

So, without any further ado, let’s shed light on the pros and cons of living in Lincoln Park so that you can make your mind whether to move here or not.

Here we go!


  • Easy Accessibility

The most cherishing and much-needed pro is the “easy accessibility” and “safety”. From a kid to an elderly person, everyone can live here. Moreover, you can comfortably walk on the beautiful streets of Lincoln Park to reach your destination without the fear of getting robbed. Also, there are a number of transport options available.

The CTA’s Brown, Purple, and Red lines run North and South through the neighborhood’s center. There’s an option between Fullerton or Armitage stations.

It will only take 25 minutes from Lincoln Park to reach the Center of Downtown which is easily comparable to extreme comfort!

  • Lip-Smacking Dining

Lincoln Park never sleeps! At every point in time, the neighborhood has something different and exciting to offer. Ample eateries offer plenty of choices.

The years-old “Cafe Ba-Reeba” or newer options like “‘Parson’s Chicken and Fish” are the highly-rated eateries that leave you licking your fingers. Lincoln Park is every foodie’s dream. If you don’t know cooking or you’re just bored of home-cooked food, step out and witness the magic of the area!

Food is available in every price range. So, there’s no issue about MONEY!

  • Family-Oriented Environment

Lincoln Park is filled with enchanting parks and renowned schools.

Prescott Elementary in Lincoln Park won the National Blue Ribbon School award from the U.S. Department of Education in 2019. It was only 1 of the 13 schools among more than 700 to be named a fully healthy school.

Therefore, if you live here, there’s no need to move to the suburbs for a better educational experience.

On top of that, DePaul University is also located in here which is one of the largest universities in the country. So, the neighborhood is perfect for families.

  • Flourishing Culture and Art

While, the summers might be a bit difficult, but these are the actual times when Lincoln Park comes alive with sheer power and energy! From May through October, the tourists and residents make their way into the place while celebrating culture and art in the best manner possible.

With over 150 events in total, Lincoln Park also puts on a local street fair celebrating the city’s heritage, food, and, music scene.

Moreover, summer is a great time to have a dip in the sea. Beach would be calling you with all its intensity. North Avenue Beach here offers a volleyball court and nearby it, you can find quality restaurants, bars, and castaways.

Plus, the amazing views of Chicago’s Air and Water Show are too mesmerizing to miss out on!

  • Affordable Housing

You might have that image about Lincoln Park being too expensive when it comes to housing!

However, it’s not true. People term Lincoln Park as a ‘rich people’ neighborhood. But, you need to understand the diversity of real estate here. You pay for what you get.

The varied community of people includes the upper-class and middle-class. The average rental cost in Lincoln Park is $1,846 per month, which is slightly lower than Chicago’s rental average of $1,943. It is also 16% lower than downtown Chicago’s average of $2,204 and 29% lower than River North’s $2,600.

It’s a pretty steal deal when you ponder over the fact that the area is filled with enormous amenities.

  • Friendly Community

Undoubtedly, Lincoln Park is the place where you’d come across the nicest of the communities. With train lines, subways, tons of green-spaces, modern architecture, and plenty of recreational activities, you can’t simply ask for more!


  • Parking Woes

When you have a car, you’ll most probably look to travel by it. However, Lincoln Park is the worst when it comes to finding a suitable parking place. Being an active tourist spot and with a growing population, the parking spaces are shrinking with each passing day.

  • Greater Costs of Living

With a number of eateries, shopping places, and excursions available, you’ll be spending a lot more than you initially thought of. On the other hand, in Chicago, even your groceries are taxed.

Eating out at a restaurant or going to a bar will also cost you 0.25% in tax. So, while living in such an expensive neighborhood, the key is to make a budget and then stick to it, no matter what happens.

  • Harsh Weather

If you’re intolerant to harsh weather, the place just might not be for you! Chicago is known for chilly winds and extra cold weather. So, you need to be fully prepared if you really want to move here.

If you’re assuming it as a piece of cake, let me tell you, schools here shut down due to cold weather when temperatures drop below zero. Lake Michigan sends shivers down the spine! Hence, a complete range of warm clothes is a MUST to have!

Even the summers aren’t easy here! You’ll need to adjust yourself for humid summers when temperature crosses 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Nonetheless, these little adjustments are a part and parcel of life and you must look at the bigger picture ALWAYS!

  • No Mountains, No Hills, No Oceans

When you require some time off, the best thing is to climb up a mountain or a hill or laze around in an ocean! However, there’s a lack of mountains, oceans, and hills in Lincoln Park. For an actual beach experience, you’ll need to drive 12 straight hours!

Who would want to do that while thinking of a day off?

So, if you’re really an outdoor person, you might reconsider your decision of moving to Lincoln Park.

  • Pricey Mansions

Lincoln Park is popular for its luxurious mansions. There are a number of options that you’d never find affordable. However, not everyone’s going to opt for a multi-million mansion, at the end of the day.

It’s definitely expensive. But, there is something available for everyone here.

The Bottom Line

So, here we have come to an end where we discussed all the major pros and cons of living in Lincoln Park, Chicago. If a perfect, and quality life is your requirement, you’d definitely need to check it out. If the above-mentioned cons are not bothering you, congratulations, this place is yours!

Are you thinking of moving to the Beautiful Lincoln Park Chicago? 

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