Orland Park, Illinois: An Undiscovered Oasis

Every suburb in Chicago has its own charm. Some have diverse communities, some have fun events happening throughout the year, but if there’s one little hidden gem you need to consider if you’re trying to venture out of the city and find a place in the suburbs to settle down, that town is called Orland Park. Offering a suburban feel while also keeping you connected with all the attractions of downtown, Orland Park is the perfect combination of a quiet suburb with convenient access to shopping, entertainment, and nature.

Orland Park Location

First things first — Orland Park is located in Cook County, has a population of 58,191, and it has something for everybody. Whether you’re starting a family, you already have a family or even if you’re just looking to find a house by yourself, Orland Park is comfortable and welcomes everyone regardless of their cultural backgrounds or income. This family-friendly community offers so much housing, entertainment, shopping, restaurants and a lot more.

Orland Park Living

One of the first things we all consider before shifting our entire lives is the cost. The median income for Orland Park, Illinois is $93,498, and the median home value is $318,000. These figures are a big indication the area has tons of job opportunities that will help you sustain the kind of lifestyle people enjoy here. Right now is the perfect time to invest in a property in Orland Park especially because the market is rising and it’s expected to go up in the coming years, which means you might miss out if you don’t invest in property there right now.

Orland Park Transport

Orland Park is much more than an affordable town. Like most of Chicago Orland Park has an excellent transport system which connects the suburb to the Chicago loop. For those of you who travel for business or pleasure, you can get to either O’Hare or Midway airport in less than an hour and head off on a plane. It is also conveniently located close to several interstate highways with the I-80 East and West on its southern border, which makes getting anywhere by road, easy, convenient and fast.

Orland Park Shopping

But you might not even want to leave Orland Park because everything you will ever need is right here, including parks, cafes, restaurants, bars, and lots and lots of shopping. Orland Park is home to some of the most beautiful golf courses, water parks, country clubs, and forest preserves, so whether you love to indulge in some alone time or if you want a fun day out with the whole family, Orland Park has enough attractions for everyone.

If, like me, you love to go shopping, you don’t even have to leave town. The two most popular shopping complexes in Orland Park are Orleans Square Mall and Orland Park Crossing. Both will keep your shopping addiction satisfied, with every store you can think of right here.

Orland Park Outdoor Activity

Orland Park has more than 60 parks so if you have kids, or if you enjoy being outdoors, riding bikes, and hiking, this is a great place for you to call home. When I say park I’m not just talking about a playground with slides and swings or a basketball court, although there are plenty of those nestled around the subdivisions, but I mean awesome parks with rubber playgrounds, splash pads, climbing walls, and hang gliders, that are really cool and updated.

If, for some reason, you’re not into parks, you should know that the town also has two lakes, Lake Sedgwick and Lake McGuinness, where you can fish, rent paddle boats or kayaks. Paddle boats are only $10 for the first hour and $5 for every hour after that, and kayaks are only $5 for the first hour and $2 for every additional hour. Going outside and enjoying the great outdoors is extremely affordable, especially compared to the city.

Along with parks, another popular spot for the residents of Orland Park is the Centennial Park Aquatic Center, directly next to Lake McGuinness. Centennial Park Aquatic Center has six pools, six water slides, a children’s play area and picnic tables that make it a great way to spend your summer days.

Orland Park Restaurants

Once all that outdoor activity has worn you out you can head over to one of the restaurants in the area to refuel. My favorite is Cooper’s Hawk, a winery and a restaurant that has expanded throughout the entire country with the best wine and most amazing menu. You’ll fall in love with their wide variety of foods, from short rib risotto to homemade jambalaya, Mexican drunken shrimp, crispy brussels sprouts and their delicious prime rib sandwich served with buttery wasabi mashed potatoes. Yum!

They have a wine club that offers two free tasting bottles per month. Every month they reveal a new wine. In Orland Park everyone is in the wine club and everyone goes to Cooper’s Hawk, so if you want to be a part of a community, have things in common with built-in friends, join the wine club in Orland Park

Orland Park Schools

Parks and wine are great but what if you want to raise a family in Orland Park? If you’re the kind of parent who wants their kids to have a top-notch education in a healthy community that has tons of opportunity for growth, then moving to Orland Park would be a good move.

Orland Park schools are some of the best in Illinois. According to average test scores many outperform the State of Illinois by 15%. With high rated schools and some of Chicago’s best colleges located a small drive away, your children will have tons of opportunities to explore and discover their passions. Because of this town’s diverse population, schools are also full of children from so many different ethnic backgrounds.

A well-known and highly rated high school is Carl Samberg. This school is far above the state average in key measures of college and career readiness, and the students also go to State for everything and often take first place. If you’re a kid and an athlete this is definitely a top-notch school to showcase your talents and potentially get noticed by scouts.

Orland Park Safety

According to safety.com Orland Park was named the safest city in Illinois. Violent crime in Orland Park is 90% lower than in Illinois, and is 89% lower than the rest of the nation, so you can rest easy knowing that if you move here your family will be safe.

The Orland park police officers stay active in the community and patrol around the clock to ensure the safety of all its residents. Every time you leave the house, you’re going to find people waving, smiling at you, even if they don’t know you. You’re definitely going to feel as though you live in a safe and peaceful community.

Orland Park Real Estate Market

The housing market in Orland Park is very competitive which means people want to move here, which is another sign it’s a good place to live. The city offers everything you could ever want, from condos and town homes, modest single-family homes, homes offering more square footage for larger families, houses on golf courses, master plan communities, gated communities, homes on acreage or wooded lots, older homes, and brand-new houses being built.

Orland Park: An Undiscovered Oasis

With so many small and big businesses in the area keeping the suburb afloat, Orland Park is the quiet, cozy suburb of everyone’s dreams. The amenities, the nature, and of course all the opportunities for personal and collective growth are what make this town so special. Best of all you’re a 30-minute drive from downtown Chicago. If you’re looking for a great suburb outside the city in 2021, take my advice and move to Orland Park because this is one decision you will never regret

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