Living in New Eastside Chicago PROS and CONS

Read this article to learn about life in the new Eastside Chicago. We have discussed the pros and cons of living in new eastside Chicago to help you make a wise decision.

Chicago is a significant and populous city in America. The American culture, economy, and history have been developed since the foundation of Chicago. It has been serving as a midpoint for the transcontinental transportation networks. The new neighborhood, Eastside Chicago, is located on the right of Michigan Lake, just off the Streeterville and next to the millennium park. It borders Michigan Ave and the famous Chicago River. It is located in the center and close to numerous good places. Let’s have a look at reasons to live in new eastside Chicago-The positive aspect!


Living in the new eastside Chicago means you will have some pretty spectacular views of lakes, greenery, high-rise bridges, newly-built skyscrapers, and more. This is the luxurious neighborhood in Chicago’s heart, filled with hundreds and thousands of attractive spots. The newest neighborhood raises the standards of living by offering various perks of living. You get many things to do while living in the world-class city, Chicago, especially in the new eastside neighborhood. It is not wrong to say that the new eastside is a walker’s paradise with breathtaking waterfronts, green galore, residential houses, condos, etc.

Family Place offering Top Rated Schools

The new eastside of Chicago offers the best residence for the families as it features parks, play areas, beautiful homes, etc. Above all, it has top-rated private schools like Hawthorne Scholastic Academy, Decatur Classical School, Chicago City Day School, Brickton Montessori School, and St. Stanislaus School.

Chicago Pedway

Another essential feature of new eastside Chicago is its walkability. It has various connected tunnels, high-raised bridges, and ground concourses, making a walking network and easing the public to reach their destinations in minimum time. These Pedways are connected with 60 locations between the loop and eastside, including buildings, stations, stores, and hotels throughout Chicago’s business district. The headway mapping correctly navigates you. Despite weather conditions, these are convenient walk-through passages, dry in the rain and warm in winters. The most exciting aspect of these pathways is that they are more than just walking routes. There are plenty of art installations, food spots, barbershops, and everything you need.

Lakefront Trail

It is a treat for bicycle lovers. The beautiful lakefront trail is designed to ease your transportation. You do not have to get stuck in traffic or wait on the signals. Just have a rental bike and go wherever you want.

Traffic isn’t that…. bad

As far as the traffic is concerned, the condition is not much worse. If you are riding your vehicle, you hardly take minutes to reach your desired destination. For example, you can reach the loop in 13 minutes by train and 8 minutes by car.

Millennium Park

Another perk of living in eastside Chicago is Millennium Park. It is a family park where you can go at any time for a picnic, reading, working or just spending time in nature. There you can watch live performances throughout the year, which provide a relaxing moment without any payment.

Soldier Field

For the Bears fan or football fanatic, Soldier Field is a historic stadium boasting upgrades that . Moreover, it features rooftop dine-in, which offers a great experience. You can also enjoy live concerts with your friends and family.

Hosts several races

Another exciting attraction is that it hosts many races like Chicago Marathon, shamrock shuffle, and Hot Chocolate 5K. Thus, it is an excellent spot for runners or sport lovers.

Chicago River

With just a 5 minute walk, you can reach the Chicago River, where you can rent Kayaks and enjoy swimming. There is a water taxi that takes you to the Shed Aquarium, museum, or Navy Pier. Additionally, you can use this water taxi as transportation.

Convenient Grocery Shopping

All the essential grocery stores are located here. The local store is Mariano’s, which hosts several things. It is a cheap store with decent grocery items. You can also shop online through this store. Mariano’s hosts wine tasting, cooking demonstrations, and storytime for kids.

Lakeshore East Park

The new east side has its secluded park, which covers an area of six acres. It is the only park in Chicago that has free public Wi-Fi. Moreover, it is a dog-friendly park with gate systems to ensure the safety of your pet.

Luxury Residence

The new eastside is full of luxury condos, high-raised houses for all (including single person, couples, and families), Hotels and Offices (offering a great working environment). These are surrounded by the Chicago River and Millennium Park, providing enough room to relax. Additionally, a Cherry circle room makes the nightlife charming.

Business growth and Job Opportunities

The business is steadily growing as it is attracting many investors and business owners. Thus, it offers excellent opportunities to carry a career.

Other Amenities

Other interesting visiting places include Grant Park, Navy Pier, and Chicago Theater.


There is not much more to talk about the cons, but it is a quiet place as a newbie has minimal nightlife destinations. If you want to spend your nights in bars and clubs, you may venture to other neighboring areas because the new east side does not have traditional bars or clubs. Moreover, if you are looking for houses built with the historical Chicago architecture designs, it may not suit your need as it features cutting-edge high-rise residential places. Additionally, the go green features cost more. Lastly, this new eastside has limited parking areas, costing around 250$ to 350$ per month for parking.

Final Verdict

The new eastside Chicago has modern amenities which offer high living standards. Moreover, it is a center of attraction with specific preferences when it comes to housing. Although it is expensive, these luxuries are worth paying for. It is the best place to have a happy life.

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