Life choices are easy to maintain, but some perennial striking decisions regarding our residence are to be made with full consciousness as they bear direct consequences on our lives. This blog incorporates the wholesome approach to unravel the misconceptions and realities related to life in Chicago Illinois and the suburbs.

The choice depending upon our personal interests, personality, individuality, and our taste, differs from situation to situation. There are Some Prominent lifestyle differences between Chicago city life and Chicago suburban life. Being one of the largest cities of United States, subsequent are the pros that are inherent to the Chicago city life. 

1) Number of recreational activities to enjoy

Ranging on the broad-based spectrum, the city has everything to keep you busy, from museums, libraries, parks to nightclubs. Every individual has different profound interests can find meaningful yet amusing places to visit and spend some quality time.

2) The deep-rooted sports spirit

Various professional Chicago sports are at the heart of the Chicago city. Be it hockey, basketball, baseball, or football, one can always find the perfect sports matching one’s personality to keep the sports spirit alive. The fans of the Chicago sports teams like the Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Bears, Chicago Fire, and the list goes on and on! 

3) Amazing Chicago food 

Remarkable food places in Chicago coupled with mouthwatering dishes give once in a lifetime experience. Some of the signature Chicago dishes and food places are Deep-Dish Pizza (Lou Malnati’s), Thin-Crust Pizza (Vito & Nick’s Pizzeria), Pizza Pot Pie (Chicago Pizza and Over Grinder), Chicago Italian Beef Sandwiches (Portillo’s), Maxwell Street Polish Sausages (Maxwell Street Depot) Fried Chicken (Harold’s Chicken), Chicago Doughnuts (Old Fashioned Donuts) and Chicago-style hot dogs (35th Street Red Hots). Don’t miss your chance to live the moment with your loved ones.

4) Cultural diversity in Chicago

Chicago depicts the marvelous picture of the United States as the “Melting pot” because of the simple fact that different types of communities reside there in harmony. You may get to meet people from around the world

5) Unbiased and indiscriminatory practices

As Chicago is home to different communities, inclusiveness and acceptance of different cultures is its heartwarming trait. if you are looking for a good place to bring up your kids in a friendly environment, you cannot find a better place than Chicago.

6) Best transportation system

Chicago has one of the best transportation systems in the whole United states. The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) is well maintained and always on time (ALMOST ALWAYS…) This is economical for young newbies starting off their lives.

7) Built on a carefully designed grid

The neighborhoods of Chicago are carefully designed on a grid where everything is numbered, from common streets to expensive restaurants. There is absolutely no need to look for the signs or Chicago maps to find out your current location which makes traveling much easier. Despite having wondrous benefits of living in Chicago there are some drawbacks which are in, not much distinct from any other urban city. We have listed some of them below.

1) Heavy traffic and busy roads

If you are one of those who prefer personal conveyance to public transport, then you should reconsider your choice as you may encounter a random traffic jam when it’s least expected. So, schedule your meetings accordingly and get out of your house beforehand. Not the best place to drive!

3) unpleasant weather 

It snows up to April where one finds it hard to find a suitable parking space. The number of outdoor activities shrinks, and some people can find it annoying.

4) Construction work

Opposed to the quiet environment in Chicago suburbs, the city is filled with new construction projects or repairing projects to restore the damage done by the snow. 

5) Potholes are EVERYWHERE in Chicago

If you have ever heard about the potholes in Chicago, then it’s probably true. If you are a car owner, then you should learn to dodge potholes in your driver’s Ed courses. Seriously, they’re a problem. 

6)  The high tax rates

If you already have a low budget, then the high Chicago sales tax rate is likely to drain money from your pocket. Most people find this factor troublesome.


Life in the Chicago suburbs

1) Extremely spacious

In the Chicago suburbs, everyone gets personal greenspace in the form of a backyard and you can have your private garage. This might seem to be something negligible but believe me, it’s not.

2) Simple life

Chicago suburb life has its own serenity. It is all quiet and peaceful with simplified infrastructure. No Hustle and Bustle of traffic, and unpleasant noises. 

3) Your commute will be longer

You might have to manage the expenses for maintenance of your car if you choose to own a car, having said that, Chicago suburbs do have a good public transit system from PACE and Metra.

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4) Affordable lifestyle

Affordability is one of the major reasons why many people choose to move from Chicago city to the Chicago suburbs. Adopting a healthy lifestyle with good standards of living is easy in suburbs.

5) Modes of entertainment

There are plenty of entertainment options to choose from and things to do in the Chicago suburbs. You can visit museums, exotic parks, zoo’s, etcetera, etcetera… There’s way too many to name but at your leisure you’ll find time to have a pleasant taste of life.  

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