Living in Chicago 101-Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you planning to move to Chicago?

If Chicago is on your mind, then don’t worry, we’ve gathered a lot of important things about this place that’ll help you make a sane decision.

To sum it up, the place is exquisite and offers a lot of amenities to its residents. Moreover, it’s the third-most renowned place in the US and the largest in the Midwest where everyone is connected within a strong community. On top of it, the scenic beauties are extremely hard to describe in words.

Lit-up restaurants, music, museums, nightlife, and much more could literally excite you to come and live here for the rest of your life! It’s definitely becoming one of the main choices to live in.

The overall vibe of Chicago is totally vibrant and easy-going, yet, packed with several exciting things!

So, let’s answer the most frequently asked questions about Chicago.

Let’s begin!

Can I afford it?

Undoubtedly, Chicago has something in the box for everyone! From simple to luxurious, all options are available. Condos in high-rises, simple family homes, or houses in more residential locations are easy to find with the list still going on and on. In the end, it’s totally going to be your decision and if you do some thorough research, you’ll end up living in a nice house at an affordable price!

When moving to a new place, you’ll need to form a budget and make sure to stick to it!

Nonetheless, last-minute expenses are not in your hands and can be tricky sometimes!

But, you need to believe in the silver lining and always be an optimist while moving to a new place!

What are the good and the bad neighborhoods?

It’s definitely a place filled with neighborhoods. The number is 77! Yes, you’ve heard it right. There are 77 neighborhoods in Chicago. Let’s find out which one is the most suitable for you!

Do you prefer to live in a high-rise with lake views or in a single-family home on a quiet tree-lined street? Will you be driving to work by car or will you rely on public transit, bicycle, or walking? Are top-rated schools a must-have? All these questions are important if you’re searching for a perfect neighborhood!

The best thing about Chicago is that it’s a diverse place, offering something to everyone!

Let’s have a look at a few of the neighborhoods of Chicago that you’d be willing to live in:

·         Downtown River North Neighborhood

It’s located in the North of the Chicago River. The affluent high-rise residential buildings, offering a great view, are the highlight of this neighborhood. The easy-access to high-end shopping on Michigan Avenue is something to consider if you’re a shopping lover!

The Chicago Riverwalk steals the show! And you can’t miss it in any case!

It’s extremely impressive in the summers’ time because of dozens of restaurants and bars! Plus, you can go for a boat ride as well. Book a boat ride and sway away like a boss! The nighttime feels sensational as you you’re cruising with all of your friends, listening to music, sipping drinks and, snacking.

·         Gold Coast Neighborhood

It’s located at a distance of a few blocks North of River North. The trendy neighborhood with clean streets, covered in historic row-homes and doormen buildings call you to stay here!

You can’t even imagine how beautiful the neighborhood is. It almost feels like a part of heaven!

Fine-dining and shopping are a part and parcel of this amazing neighborhood.

·         Lincoln Park Neighborhood

If you continue to North, you’ll find Lincoln Park Neighborhood. A number of high-ranked schools and multiple housing options could be found here. It’s close to downtown and attracts both; single people and families. It’s truly the first choice of potential residents when they decide to move to Chicago!

·         Lakeview Neighborhood

If you go further into North, you’ll come across Lakeview Neighborhood. It includes Lakeview East, Boys Town, and Wrigleyville. The neighborhood is always lively and never sleeps. There are bars, there are restaurants, and there’s a lot of fun stuff to do 24/7.

If you decide to live here, you’ll be surrounded by tree-lined streets, historic architectures, and outstanding schools.

Moreover, it is also home to Wrigley Field where the Chicago Cubs play.

Lakeview is also one of the city’s largest LGBTQ communities.

It attracts everyone, from students to professionals to home buyers with children. Given its abundance of housing options, it is a huge appeal to people moving to Chicago. Plus, the prices are affordable too!

·         Wicker Park Neighborhood

It is a jack-of-all-trades neighborhood with trendy hipsters, working artists, business professionals and, families. The market here consists of spacious apartments, condos, and lofts with modern amenities, suitable for everyone out there!

A major highlight of this neighborhood is the 606 which was formerly an elevated rail line but was converted into a park and 2.7-mile trail that connects the residents of Wicker Park, Bucktown, Humble Park, and Logan Square.

It’s so cool. Damn! You can’t omit it from your bucket-list.

·         West Loop Neighborhood

It includes the Fulton River district and is also probably the hottest neighborhood in Chicago at the moment. The never-ending dining options on Randolph Street are the main reason that it’s called “Restaurant Row”. HOW AMAZING?

This neighborhood is characterized by brand-new construction and condo loft conversions, featuring open floor plans and exposed bricks. Be ready to welcome your neighbors who would be youngsters as well as families and the area is booming and so be prepared to see a lot of new construction.

Next up, we’re going to discuss a few neighborhoods that won’t appeal to you!

The neighborhoods are:

Englewood, Washington Park, Pullman, Burnside, Riverdale, South Deering. 

Well, the criteria to cancel-out these neighborhoods are the high-unemployment rates and low-median income. So, you won’t be making a lot of money here. Plus, there’s not so much that you can do here!

The home prices are extremely LOW! Now, you’d think that it isn’t a bad thing!

Well, every good thing is bundled with a hefty price! So, yeah, crime rates are literally peaking here.

At the end of the day, it all becomes your choice whether which neighborhood to select. Do some research and make sure to point out your own requirements and needs. And, then, finally, take a good decision by looking at the facts and figures. I am sure our blog will be helpful to you as well!

What’s the job market like?

Chicago is bathing in opportunities. It’s basically a huge financial hub, offering you a large amount of money if you’ve got the right skills. Also, within the tech niche, there’s a good amount of scope!

Two major tech players have announced that they are expanding their offices in Chicago. Salesforce is expanding its office next year in River North.

Uber is opening an office. Google already has an established office in the West Loop. Healthcare and education are expected to experience heavy growth in the coming years.

There are thousands of service industry jobs available. Overall the job market is thriving and quite welcoming!

How much does it cost to register my vehicle?

Just as you move to a new place, you need to sort a system of transport for yourself! However, the fusses of getting a vehicle registered are unlimited and everyone hates indulging in it!

Nonetheless, it’s inevitable and you need to do it!

When registering a car in Chicago the total fee for a standard vehicle is $301 ($150 for the vehicle title and $151 for registration and license plates). 

Another thing to know is that all Chicago residents’ driving, parking, leasing, and/or owning a vehicle in the City of Chicago are subject to the Chicago Wheel Tax and must purchase a Chicago City Vehicle Sticker. So, unless you want a ticket, you must purchase a Chicago Vehicle Sticker within 30 days of residing in the City or acquiring a new vehicle to avoid late fees and fines.

Revenue from this Chicago City Sticker funds the repairs and maintenance of more than 4,000 miles of Chicago streets. So, it’s really a good thing as you’d never want to face a life-threatening bump because of a pothole. Or would you?

Are schools good?

Like every other country, it totally depends on the neighborhood you’re residing in. However, the plain answer to it is ‘YES’. There are many top-notch public and private schools that can ensure the future of your kid. For more information, you can head over to It is also a great source to use when researching schools for your kids.


So, we’ve pretty much answered all the FAQs regarding living in Chicago! Chicago is fun, thrilling, and exciting if you’ve planned all the things in a great way! Remember, we are always here to help you make the best decision ever. So, don’t forget to reach out to us!

Are you thinking of moving to Chicago? 

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