How is it living in Lincoln Park, Chicago

If you want to live in a windy city, Lincoln Park, Chicago, will be the perfect option for you. In this blog, we will share some fantastic features of this community. 

Amongst the 77 neighborhoods of Chicago, Lincoln Park has great importance. It is a designated community area on the North Side of Chicago, bordering the Famous Michigan Lake. Moreover, it is only 2 miles away from the Magnificent Mile and the downtown area. Because of numerous amenities, it holds a lot of residents, i.e., 68697 people of all ages (2018). Among them, 44.3% of people are between the age of 20 and 34. That means it has many things to offer for the young blood, including entertainment, peace, jobs, luxury living and, much more.

Historical Background

Firstly, the Native Americans came here and got settled. The United States started developing the area in 1824 when the army built a post in this area. It is named after Chicago’s Largest Park, Lincoln Park was named after Abraham Lincoln. By 1865 there was no sign of a community; later on, in the 1870s, some Germans and Irish came here and started to populate this area. In 1900, the government began to build infrastructures like railway tracks, streetcars, bus lines, subways, and trolleys. In 1970, this area started to transform into a luxury neighborhood. Year by year, it grew, and now it is the most charming community area in Chicago’s neighborhood.

What does Lincoln Park offer?

Lincoln Park area magnetically attracts college students, home buyers, salaried individuals, tourists, and people looking for great opportunities and a life full of luxuries.

Lincoln’s Park Architecture

You will find a variety of architecture, including the loft condos that are converted from old factories and warehouses. Isn’t it amazing? You will see high-rises along the lake, many vintage walk-up townhouses, modern and luxury condos, brownstones, and revitalized single-family homes. You get plenty of options to live here. If your heart beats for the art and architecture, go for the loft Condos. Upscale condos offer high living standards but cost a little high too. In short, whatever your living preferences are, Lincoln Park offers everything of your taste.

Other than the residential architecture, it has five noticeable churches, including St. Vincent de Paul Parish, St. Clement Church, St. Josepha’s, St. James Lutheran Church, and St. Michael’s Church. These monuments are a sign of rich landmarks representing great architecture and standing out in the area. These beautiful churches add more charm to this Community Area.

Brings Entertainment to your life – Restaurants, Fun Bars, and Theaters

Lincoln Park offers a complete fun life with plenty of restaurants and bars where you can hang out with your friends, have family dinners, enjoy the dance and drinks. The restaurants have a wide variety of cuisine, including those which still reflect the Irish and German heritage. The bars have a highly entertaining environment.

The most popular bar is “Replay,” which is famous for its pop-ups. The pop-ups are themes which they set to bring an excellent feel for the visitors. The restaurant features pinball machines, Pac-man, basketball, skee-balls, air hockey, bubble hockey, and super fun arcade games. The menu features the yummiest and pocket-friendly food. Moreover, you get a great cocktail, of course.

The nightlife here adds more to the fun with various bars, low-key dives, hotels, rooftop bars, mainstream concert venues, and blues clubs. Additionally, there are theatres where you find art performances. The most famous theatres are Steppenwolf and Apollo. The Lincoln Park facilitates everyone, including students, young couples, families, and even aged people. So, it has something for everyone.

Shopping and Grocery Options

Lincoln Park has advanced shopping areas, which feature small and big boutiques, high-end spas, grocery stores, and much more. The Armitage and Halsted area is the best to fulfill your shopping thrive. Apple Store, Laudi Vidni, Art Effects, and the Foxtrot Market are also there. Foxtrot is one of the best stores where you can grab a coffee, another bottle of your favorite beer, enjoy a glass of fresh wine, a cold ice-cream, or even fresh salad to start your day. Not just this, but it is the best gift shop from games to cocktail kits, plus cards and gift wrap. They have outdoor sittings and pickup options too.

Plenty of Greenspaces

Interestingly, Lincoln Park is a part of Chicago’s Emerald Necklace. It was the name given to a string of green parks during the World’s fair in 1893. This name still holds significance, as there are plenty of green parks and open spaces in the neighborhood, especially Lincoln Park is the center of attraction. Chicago’s largest park covers 1200 acres of land and has many things to grab your attention. Lincoln Park features a handful of amenities like beaches, lake trails, conservatory, nature museums, and Alfred Caldwell lily pool. Other than this, this park features plenty of sports options, including basketball, baseball, volleyball, etc. You will find archery fields and golf- courses too.  We cannot even name everything which Lincoln Park offers. In short, it is a complete entertainment package for kids, adults, and families.

Top Tourists destination

As mentioned earlier, it has rich architecture, beautiful beaches, the city’s biggest park, and fantastic nightlife. Above all, it has the famous Lincoln Park Zoo, which is a staple in Chicago. It is one of the oldest zoos in North America, which covers an area of 35 acres. It is the best family spot that features fantastic places to explore, including aquariums, rainforests, hundreds of animals, and a planetarium. On the winter nights, they do unique lightings, which refresh the look every year, and you can get hot chocolate and other items to drink here while enjoying these sparkling sights. There are different gift shops. The management takes every measure to keep it clean all the time. Everyone gets amazed to visit this lakefront zoo which has many things to offer.

Job Opportunities

Lincoln Park has plenty of attractions that make a considerable impact on the economy and demographics. It means you get various job opportunities in Tourism and hospitality sector.

Easy access

Of course, Lincoln Park has significant importance because of its central location. Among the 77 neighborhoods, only a few feature the location advantages like Lincoln Park. It is just a mile away from downtown. The wide transport options make access easier from nearly every area of Chicago.  It is served by three bus lines, including brown, red, and purple. Other than this, it offers super walkability options.


The Lincoln Park neighborhood negates the misconception that it isn’t for families. Surprisingly, many families have school-aged children, adults, and working persons living in this area. There are more than 20 top-class schools, including elementary, middle, and high-schools, in Lincoln Park. Most of the schools hold a high rating of 9 or above, which is impressive. These highly reputable schools, including Lincoln elementary school, Myer Elementary School, and Prescott Elementary School, make it a perfect habitat for families. Prescott Elementary School won the “National Blue ribbon School Award” from the US education department in 2019. Moreover, it has been ranked at number 13 among 400 elementary schools in Chicago. Lincoln Park is the home to Depaul University– one of the largest private universities in the country.

Safe and Secure Area

The area is safe as it is patrolled by the 18th and 19th district police stations of Chicago. The management makes every effort to retain peace and safety in the neighborhood and its residential areas. As compared to other communities, the crime rate in Lincoln Park was less than half in 2019 and 2020.

Rental and Selling Price

You may think it will cost too much because it offers plenty of things to keep you busy and relaxed. But, interestingly, renting and buying in Lincoln Park is not that much expensive. The average rental cost is about $1846 per month, and the average home sale price is $560,000. However, this is expensive than Chicago’s average home sale price, which is $324,000, but honestly, Lincoln Park worths the cost. Yes, it is an upscale housing market, but you can find homes below these high prices. The residential range goes from mansions that sell for millions to affordable homes priced below $200,000.

Lincoln Park is the perfect place for all those looking to enjoy urban life perks with luxury residences, open spaces, outdoor activities, and entertainment. To find the best residential home for you, you need to contact your real estate fam. We have gone through various listings offering high-standard condos to reasonably-priced homes to suit your taste and fit your pocket. With the vast knowledge of this neighborhood, we help you find the best location within your budget in the most sought real estate housing market. If you are ready to get settled in a fantastic community area, give us a call or send a text message. We will acknowledge your request no matter what time it is. So pick up your phone and call us right away!

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