Cost of living in Naperville, Illinois

Mesmerizing scenic Beauty of Naperville Illinois bewitches Chicago appealers. If you have intriguing nature, are passionate about fun, have an active and entertaining lifestyle, and are looking for a place to relocate then look no further than Naperville Illinois. Yes, Naperville is the right place for you to go! This blog will tell you all about what Naperville has to offer!!

You must be pondering over the fact that out of 10,000 cities in the world, what is so appealing about Naperville, Illinois. What makes Naperville stand out from the pack? Let’s start with Burlington Square Park, it’s located right beside the downtown area and has the most appealing Riverwalk alongside the DuPage River which is enough to fall in love with its natural beauty.

Everyone has its definition of serenity, but who doesn’t love a healthy, clean, scenic, peaceful, and entertaining environment? If you decide to reside in Naperville, you can never get bored because of its flexible downtown area where you can have an amusing entertaining walk, and interactions with cheerful people filled with great aspirations.

Nevertheless, for all the foodies out there, you’re going to love all of the restaurants they have to offer and if food isn’t the flavor you’re looking for then the traditionally designed houses or urbanely modernized houses, will not discourage you. With 150,000 people, this city has gradually emerged in having the best homes and lifestyle which competes with the city Chicago, which is about a 28-mile drive from Naperville.

Choose the best suitable location, within Naperville.

Real estate in Naperville can be divided into North Naperville, Central, and South Naperville. To relocate to Naperville, knowing all these three regions is a plus point. It can be said that diversity is at the heart of Naperville, even in the relocation process. All three regions differ apart in terms of financial burdens and utility expenses in one way or the other. There is a multiplicity of houses, all fulfilling different criteria, and demands of different people. Naperville contains both the older or traditional design houses and the urbanely designs as well.

Central Naperville – Heart of the city

It has a great view of the downtown area with a famous river walk alongside Centennial Beach and Moser Tower. This is one of the attributes of Central Naperville as an alluring site and challenges Chicago for the broad spectrum of food and environment. Do you wish to travel often to Chicago? Have relatives or work in Chicago that cycles around every weekend or so? Then, my friend, Naperville would help to keep yourself engaged as there are several public transit and convenient transportation systems. 

Do you have a family? Want your house to be as peaceful as your small family? In Central Naperville, single-family homes cost $300,000-$600,000 on avg. which can be worth it if you’re looking for all these amenities in a central location.

Southern Naperville – Newer Part
It is located to the south of the DuPage River. The scenic view promotes tourism towards Southern Naperville, Illinois. Southern Naperville has been built on rural land. As it is newly built, designs are modernized and customized, so if you love revolutionary designs, that are up to the mark, just hurry up and direct yourself towards Southern Naperville. 

An average house here would cost between $400,000 -$600,000 on average and more luxuriously built homes are even more expensive, upwards to 1 million dollars. You will get whatever your demand and choice permit.

Northern Naperville – Moderate Part
One of the most popular and moderate parts of Naperville is the Northern part that is paralleled to I-88. The lifestyle isn’t compromised here, however, the expenses here are much less than that of the other two regions. Like Central Naperville, the transport mechanism is convenient for residents who often travel to Chicago. Single-family homes cost around $300,000-$600,000.

Worried after reading all these high-valued prices? Relax, there is good news as well. You can also find homes or townhomes in Naperville, that range anywhere from $100,000 – $350,000 or so. That means if you have a moderate income, buying your cozy house or townhouse is not less than a blessing in Naperville. Cheers!


Renting is always an option

Being a Real Estate Agent, it is understandable that not everybody can afford to buy a house of their own. Therefore, renting a house is always helpful. 

However, it should be kept in mind that renting in Naperville is 19.3% more expensive than in Chicago. Therefore, one should take care of every financial burden before relocation. Choose Wisely!

All three regions of Naperville hold great importance, depending on the preferences of different people. 

According to the residents of Naperville, most people prefer a house near Northern Naperville as there is access to everything right away.

Should Naperville be preferred over Chicago?

Relocation has always created a challenge in people’s lives. It should be kept in mind that there is nothing perfect, everything has its pros and cons. Keeping into consideration the financial loopholes while relocating to Naperville, it should be noted that there is an avg. tax on medium-sized houses close to $8k which is about $5k more than it is in Chicago. Isn’t it alarming? I know, but that’s how things are. Moreover, the Illinois property tax rate is 21.4% more than that in Chicago.

Wait, wait! Naperville has some good news too.  Loving Dairy products isn’t a bad choice, especially when you are in Naperville. Dairy is 0.2% cheaper than that in Chicago. Similarly, fresh fruits and vegetables are 2.2% cheaper and more news to cherish is that the utilities in Naperville are 10% less expensive than those in Chicago.

All in all, a visit to Naperville, would overcome all the ambiguities that have been assembling up in your minds. Educational Sector in Naperville is kept at topmost priority and the children are not deprived of the necessities. Alongside having the best homes in Naperville, activities related to entertainment are also present for amusement purposes.

Though it is a point of concern that the cost of living in Naperville is expensive compared to Chicago, however, it shouldn’t matter much when it comes to you and the peace of your family. Provide us with your valuable feedback or contact us for further details.

So, if you have a plan to move to Naperville or the surrounding suburbs within the Chicagoland area do not forget to call us. At Your Real Estate Fam, we make efforts to find your dream home in paradise. Our vast experience and several connections aren’t easy to beat. We have settled thousands of people wishing to live in a perfect and affordable place. We genuinely enjoy guiding and helping people throughout the process. Either make a call, send a text message, or email, whatever suits you, and we will make it happen!

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