23 Things you MUST Know Before Moving to Chicago

Chicago is a word derived from the Illinoisan language “Chicagou” or “Shikaakwa.” It’s the third-largest city in America with various attractions and full of entertainment! This article covers 23 Things you MUST Know Before Moving to Chicago.

Employment opportunities

Chicago is full of employment opportunities. The unemployment rate in Chicago is only 3.8% (2021). 37 Illinois-based companies are cutting at the 64th number of fortune 500 lists. They include big names like McDonald’s, Sears, Ulta Beauty, etc. It’s not wrong to say that Chicago offers various job opportunities to fresh graduates and experienced persons.


Chicago is a WORLD CLASS CITY with people from diverse environments and cultures. You will find Chinatown, Greek Town, The Mexican American Pilsen neighborhood, and even a Little Italy. This is because Chicago welcomes incredible people from all over the World. Forty cultural heritage museums and uncountable organizations hold art shows, perform film screenings and historical exhibitions to add more to wonder.

The Pilsen is famous for its beautiful murals reflecting the shared feelings of residents. Little Italy is a living symbol of past American-Italy terms. The remarkable history is engraved on the stones of Jane Addams Hull-House Museum‘s humble halls and domed ceilings of The Shrine of Our Lady of Pompeii. Chicago is home to fabulous French landmarks. Chinatown has been representing the Chinese culture for decades. Here you will find Chinese restaurants, grocery stores, boutiques, cafes, etc. Greek Town is full of tavernas, greek bakeries, boutiques, and restaurants featuring Greek channels. The National Hellenic Museum, Greek Islands, and some excellent cafes are also here.

Chicago Weather

The weather here will drive you crazy. It’s known for high winds and lake effect snow that seems like it never ends. Chicago gets super cold in winters, so don’t you dare to underestimate the cold breezes of Chicago. The Michigan Lake freezes every year, and it is a sight to see! Just be prepared to bundle up in the winter and be ready for the hot summers. The summer days make the city feel alive. Although Chicago features harsh weather, the rest of the luxuries make this weather worthy to bear.

Home of Festivals

People in Chicago love to enjoy parties and festivals. One of the most famous three-day musical festivals is Lollapalooza, which attracts young adults and mature people. It’s home to too many festivals to name, but you can check out a list of them here: https://www.choosechicago.com/articles/festivals-special-events/chicago-festival-event-guide. One of everyone’s favorites is the Air and Water Show and food festival, Known as the biggest free-admission food fest in the country, “Taste of Chicago.”

Best Transit System

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Interestingly Chicago has the World’s best commute system, always on time. The Chicago Transit Authority or CTA runs the second-largest transportation system across the state, including trains and buses, pictured above. It’s the best running transit system in the World. The elevated train, known as “L,” features 102.8 miles (165.4 km) long route length. It transports passengers to various neighborhoods throughout Chicago. You can extinguish your traveling needs from the 24-hour service of the fastest transit system. It’s not wrong to say that these commutes are much better than that of New York or LA.

Cleanest streets

You will not find any metro street in the World as clean as Chicago streets are. They have great walkability and bike-ability, making your travel convenient and fresh.  Indeed, Chicago streets are PRISTINE!

Little to No Parking – Dibs Culture

If you are a car person, you’re going to change that habit. This is because Chicago has little to no parking space.

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There are rules and regulations, and you cannot own or utilize someone’s spot. For example, if you see a parking slot, it’s not yours because someone who has already marked it for himself is going to call Dibs, ending in a nasty fight.

Home to Two International Airports

Chicago also offers convenient transfers to other countries. It’s home to two international airports, Midway (MDW) – located on the Southside and O’Hare (ORD) – located on the Northside make traveling easy and convenient. Chicago O’Hare International Airport is just 16 miles away from downtown Chicago and has four terminals. The three terminals are for domestic flights, and one terminal (terminal 5) is for international transportation. Midway International Airport provides business traveling to 60 destinations and is located only 11 miles away from downtown Chicago. These airports are connected to more than 240 destinations.

Home of The Most Incredible Buildings in the World


Did you know that Chicago created the First steel-framed Skyscraper in the World? If No, then keep it in mind now. There are more than 1100 buildings that are more than 11 stories high. These include Sears Tower and John Hancock Center. Moreover, The Rookery building, Chicago Cultural Center, Tribune tower, TheMart, Marina City, Willis Tower, and Wrigley building are incredible.

Fascinating architecture


The city’s architecture stands out as the best feature of Chicago. There are many charming buildings, including Greystone castle to modest cottages. The beer baron row and Wicker Park are live symbols of Chicago’s Rich History. The famous “Beer Baron Row” of single-family homes expands on Hoyne Avenue north from Pierce. German immigrants built the mansions and made their fortune in the brewing business. That is why Hoyne is known as Beer-Barron-Row.

 Home to Some of The Most Famous Art Museums

It’s a hub of excellent art museums featuring history and diverse cultures. The Pilsen is known for its beautiful murals, whereas hundreds of galleries portray local artists’ talent. Above All, companies like Joffrey Ballet and Lyric Opera participate in performing outclass art in the town. Moreover, Chicago is the theater Capital of the World. Companies like Steppenwolf play so many affordable shows to bring entertainment to your life.

Lake Michigan


Lake Michigan is a part of paradise on Earth. It covers the eastern side of Chicago and gives a soulful feeling every time you visit. You can go there to enjoy the warm rays of the sun, picnic, or party with your family. It’s a perfect place to have a great time.

Green Spaces

Although Chicago’s outdoor season is limited, it has abundant green spaces. Not everyone likes the water, so Chicago has nearly 600 Parks and 70 nature amber sanctuaries. It’s difficult to mention all of them here, but among them, Alfred Caldwell lily pool is the most enchanting one. Moreover, the city has historical parks, including Frederick Law Olmsted’s Lakefront Park and Jens Jensen’s park.

Great Food to Offer

Whether you are a native or a visitor, Chicago has always something delicious for everyone. The city has exceptionally diverse cuisine other than the signature deep fish, Pizzas, and hot dogs. You will find every kind of place from 5-star restaurants to old-fashioned cafes.

Chicago-A paradise to Music Lovers

Chicago is the city that gave birth to blues along with some best Jazz pops and raps. Moreover, it features tons of music festivals all year around. One of the World’s best music festivals is Lollapalooza, which rocks the country with hip-hop, modern roots, reggae, etc. Another musical festival, known as “windy city Smokeout,” features bands, beers, and barbecues. Other than these two, many festivals keep the music energy alive in the city.

A hub of Different Communities and Neighborhood

As mentioned earlier, Chicago knits different and diverse communities. Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods are unique in their ways and are exceptional. It’s a multi-cultural city thriving in harmony and diversity. They make you learn about diverse cultures and offer various homes to have a great life.

Safe Areas

Of course, every place deals with crimes, but most areas of Chicago are friendly and safe.

The city isn’t as expensive as Media Portrays

The rumors claim that Chicago is way too expensive, but believe me, it’s all a matter of choices. According to the CNN Money cost living calculator, your utility spending reduces by 20% and housing expenses by 70% while living in Chicago. The rent goes from $1300 for a one-bedroom apartment to $1700 for a two bedrooms apartment.

Chicago takes Sports Seriously

Chicago has much more to offer to all sports lovers. If you’re a sports guy, you should make your way to Wrigleyville or Bridgeport, as it’s home to Wrigley Field and Sox Park. It’s the central hub of sports. Every year thousands of people come from all across the World to watch the cubs in action. Chicago Marathon is, of course, a well-known event.  Moreover, Soldier Field- a football and soccer stadium- is also located here. Rosemont is a new park in the city that is home to Chicago’s dogs.

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Great Night Outs

Nobody can say no to the night outs while living in Chicago. Even if you have a family, you can still enjoy your nights. It has excellent bars, super cool music, pubs, clubs, cocktail lounges, drinks, restaurants, and more to offer. Cruising is the best way to get yourself relaxed and enjoy Chicago’s night.

You can always find something for free in Chicago


If you are tight on a budget, don’t worry, the best thing about Chicago is that you can always find something cool and exciting for free. For example, on some days, the museums wave off the ticket fees. In comparison, Lincoln Park Zoo, the National Museum of Mexican Art, Garfield Park Conservatory, and the Cultural Center are free every day.

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